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Trainer Network

A Comprehensive Training Resource Library Exclusively for NHA Trainers

NHA Trainer Network
NHA Trainer Network
NHA Trainer Network
The NEW Trainer Network

The Trainer Network features the NHA Visual Training Modules (VTMs) –  PowerPoints (for PC) and  Keynotes (for Mac) required for publicly teaching NHA in English and Spanish.

Various lengths of Visual Training Modules are designed to meet your training needs:

  • 1-Hour VTM – Introduction to NHA
  • 3-Hour VTM – Orientation to NHA
  • 6-Hour VTM – Implementation of NHA
  • 6-Week VTM – NHA Immersion Course

Each is accompanied by a highly informative Presenter’s Guide.

The Trainer Network also contains Libraries for: NHA handouts, ancillary video, additional experiential exercises, marketing resources, discussion forums and more!

Annual Membership Fee:  $199.99/annual subscription.

VTM Slide Examples

NHA Trainer Network
NHA Trainer Network

Corresponding Presenter’s Guide Page

NHA Trainer Network
NHA Trainer Network

Trainers will be invited to join the Trainer Network following completion of the  Certification Training Intensive.

As NHA is trademarked and copyrighted, NHI requires that these Visual Training Modules be the basis of all NHA presentations. However, in honor of your unique work in a wide variety of communities and serving populations with diverse needs, we invite you to insert material relevant to your audience, including: videos, experiential exercises, research results, discussion topics, your personal experience, and more.

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